Born and raised in Solothurn, Switzerland, as daughter of a Swiss mother and an Italian father, Daniela Elia felt her heartfelt roots were also in Africa, and her musical roots in Black American Gospel and soul style singing.

After many struggles in childhood to find her own identity, she is now very comfortable being herself, as she stopped trying to put herself into any category and accepted herself simply as herself - a beautiful and loving devine human being and goddess- like you and me.

Mainly a raw foodist, she believes in a benevolent and loving creator and universe which encourages her in trusting and following her heart's joyful guidance, dreams and  passion, hence life purpose and feeling fully supported.

Her aim is to bring happiness and joy to the heart of people through joyful music, reminding us again of our inborn supernatural positive creative powers and possibilities - by loving ourselves and others again, reconnecting us to our  devine source and guidance of infinite love, prosperity, health and abundance of all good. Joy, love and peace.